Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a video cost?

Videos for coaches and clients cost £500 + VAT and expenses.

How do you source your music and will I have to pay licensing?

You will have to pay for the licence which varies depending on the music. We use online audio libraries such as and You won’t have to worry about copyright or any of the legal stuff, we’ll take care of it! (Music can range from £20 - £200)

Are you able to work over several days?

Yes, this is especially a good idea if you’re situated far away from the midlands. Let us know when you want us and we’ll arrange dates and accommodation.

Where are you located?

We are currently located in Rugby, Warwickshire.

I want to have graphics in my video, can you do that for me?

We can indeed, anything from animated graphs to scene tracked 3D

Will I have to pay expenses?

Yes, you’ll have to pay for travel, accommodation and sustenance. We are stationed in Rugby so costs may vary depending on distances.

Will I have to create a plan?

We recommend you do create a script for your video. That way you have time to plan out and think about what your video is going to say to your audience.

Can you produce a video for my client?

Absolutely! We charge £250 for two videographers to come and film and £250 for a day of editing, a standard video will cost you £500 (not including expenses) additionally we charge £50 an hour for any post edit amendments.

Can I use commercial/chart music?

Unfortunately not.

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